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Top 5 best places in Kanatal

 1) Kaudia Forest:

Camps in kanatal means to spend a day in between nature and your soul . this beautiful place will take you to the heaven. camp in kanatal is the best way to explore the beauty of nature. you can visit the most beautiful place near kanatal is kaudia forest. kaudia forest is one of the best place for picnic, bird watching, nature photography, and hiking. Kaudia Jungle is a paradise for photographers and nature lovers, located just a few kilometers away from Chamba. It begins with a narrow dirt track and unfolds into a plateau that then leads to dense forests, undulating hills, spectacular views of the valley below and natural springs. The dense, serene forest opens up to breathtaking views of steep hills and valleys as you walk through the greenery, natural springs gurgling along the sides. You can explore the forest by opting for a Jeep Safari from Kanatal to Kaudia.

2) Tehri Dam:

Camps in kanatal is one of the best option for camping adventure. as there is alote for you to explore. one of the best place to go from kanatal is tehri dam. The Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in India. It is a multi-purpose rock and earth-fill embankment dam on the Bhagirathi River near Tehri in Uttarakhand, India. The dam is known to generate 1000 MW of hydroelectricity and has an additional 1000 MW capacity of storing pumped hydroelectricity. The dam reservoir, also known as Tehri Lake, is usually flocked with tourists interested in boating and is slowly becoming a prominent hub for adventure tourism in Uttarakhand. Tehri is a dream destination for traveler who love enjoying water sports and games.

Adventurous side of tehri dam:

1) paragliding 

2) jet skiing 

3) banana boat riding

4) Dhanaulti:

Dhanaulti is one of the favorite place of tourist near by kanatal. not just having peace but having the natural beauty. Dhanaulti is a hill station situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range located 24 km (15 mi) from the hill station of Mussoorie. Dhanaulti includes an area with two eco-parks, "Amber" and "Dhara", about 200 m apart. They have been developed by the Forest Department of Uttarakhand. It houses a protected patch of small forest containing Deodar Trees. 

The adventure sports facility is available for visitors in the form of walking over the flying fox and burma bridges and riding horses. There is also a facility for visitors to plant a sapling of tree species in the memory of their beloved, which is called as memory sapling plantation. This hilly town is enveloped by the velvety rhododendrons, deodar, and tall oak forests. Since the hill station heavy snowfall during winters, many tourists flock here in huge numbers. 

Dhanaulti is a place for those who are seeking a holiday of privacy in the hills away from the bustle of city life. the pleasent weather , wooded slopes, snow capped peaks of the himalayas added the cherry on the top of the beauty of dhanaulti.

4) Surkanda Devi temple: 

Camping in kanatal means the overall fun including adventurous activity, trekking , and also if someone wants a peaceful and religious place to visit than there is a famous surkanda devi temple to visit. Surkanda Devi is a Hindu temple near Kanatal, Uttarakhand, India. It is at an altitude of about 2756 metres lies close to nearby hill stations of kanatal. It is surrounded by dense forests and affords a scenic view of the surrounding region including the Himalayas to the north, and certain cities to the south (e.g., Dehradun, Rishikesh) The Ganga Dusshera festival is celebrated every year between May and June and attracts a lot of people. This is a temple which is situated among the trees of rounslii. It is covered with fog most of the time of the year.

According to hindu scripture's When Shiva was passing over this place on his way back to Kailash carrying Sati's body, her head fell at the spot where the modern temple of Sarkunda Devi or Surkhanda Devi stands and due to which the temple's got its name as sirkhanda which in the passage of time is now called sarkunda. And is one of the shakti peeth.

5) Jai Sem kaaliya Nagraja Temple:

another one of the most divine and beautiful place to visit in kanatal is Jai Sem Nagaraja Temple. the place is just 2 km away from the centre. it is a beautiful temple of loard krishna in coordination to loard vishnu. it is a prefect place to foregate all the bad time of life and just feel the positive vibes of the Himalayas.

jai sem kaaliya nagraja temple also known as Sem Mukhem temple is located at Mukhem village lies in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Its a 2 km hard trek. 

Lord Krishna appeared here after Dwarika submerged in water here and worshipped as Lord Nagaraja. It is believed that Pandavas built this temple. It is very famous among local villagers and act as their deity gods.

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