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What Is A Medical Spa?

Medical spas have become a prominent part of many people’s beauty and relaxation routines. They’re not like the average doctor’s office and far from a place for manicures and pedicures; instead, these locations offer a range of benefits that bring together select treatments and techniques such as a thread face lift.

Also known as med spas, these unique spas do medical procedures like in a doctor’s office, but the setting is more like a day spa. Unlike doctor’s offices, non-surgical treatments are the only medical-related procedures offered. There are similar offerings to a day spa with massages as well as facials, staff in on hand to teach better skincare regimens. Medical quality skincare products are also available to complement the treatments.


The non-surgical procedures are performed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. They are the only personnel to do any of the medical-related treatments and their work can be anything from injections to lasers. When it comes time for a consultation, one of the medical personnel will meet with a prospective patient. An esthetician takes care of the non-medical procedures; for example, non-medical procedures are facials, masks, and acne treatments. The esthetician can also use machines to do microdermabrasion.


Before getting any procedures done at a medical spa there is the need to go in for a consultation. During this appointment, a person is asked about their medical history as well as any medications they take. The skincare routine and products that are used every day are taken into consideration. Also, any past procedures are also taken into account as recommendations are made. The person will discuss what they want from the procedures at this appointment. For example, wrinkles and fine lines that need attention; this is the time to bring up any with any concerns or ask any questions. After the consultation, there is time given to think about the procedures. An appointment will be booked if someone decides to go ahead at this point.


There are many procedures that can be done at a medical spa, one of the most popular is a chemical peel. During the peel, a chemical is put on the skin causing it to burn or blister. After the treatment, the skin will peel. It is good for fine lines, wrinkles or scars but the treatment does require using sunscreen each day. The use of botox and dermal fillers are sought after among many patients. Botox will freeze the muscle thus diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers fill in for thinning skin. These types of treatments are used mainly around the mouth and lips. Laser skin rejuvenation is done with intense pulsed light or IPL and goes further than injections. A device moves over the problem area of skin using a pulsating light which takes off layers of skin. Due to the nature of this procedure, additional treatments may be necessary to achieve the best results. Those with sensitive skin or skin issues should consult with the doctor to ensure that no extra steps are required before undergoing the procedure.

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